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Seven DIY Bedroom Updates For A Chic Sleeping Space

Even though it's the place we spend hours in, relaxing and regenerating every night, the bedroom is often the last place that gets design attention. That's because we tend to focus on the spaces that guests see first (or most), and we may never get around to making the bedroom as chic as it can and should be...


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Want To Buy And Renovate A Property Overseas? 9 Things To Consider

If you've ever seen a movie like under the Tuscan sun, you've undoubtedly had your own Italian farmhouse renovation fantasy. But how real is it to think about buying property in a place that requires changing currency and a long plane ride? "Buying and restoring a fixer-upper in another country...It can be an appealing idea," ...


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How To Channel Your Personality To Create The Perfect Home For You

You're not boring, and your home shouldn't be either. But, you can obey all the design rules and end up with a place that looks like it came right out of a magazine but still lacks a little spark. Here's how to inject a little "you" into it. Art You don't have to have a house full of bold florals or abstract pieces just because that's what's "in" right now...


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Emerging Trends Threaten Housing

Household growth has increased over the last three years, millennials are stepping up, and home prices have recovered from recession lows. So what is there to worry about? Not much on the surface, but there are some emerging trends that suggest good times won't continue for much longer in the housing market...


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Deck Those Condominium Halls

Question: At our condominium, the grounds and buildings are kept immaculately and our hallways and lobbies have just been renovated by a professional decorator. The lobbies look elegant, and halls are newly carpeted. Some owners, however, have taken it upon themselves to put tables, plants and even paintings in the corridors...


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Tenants From Heaven In Your HOA

The phrase "absentee landlord" in a homeowner association context conjures up images of the "tenant from hell" and an owner who could care less. However, generally speaking, both the landlord and tenant want the highest and best returns on their investments. What benefits the homeowner association will also benefit them...


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Why Do So Many HOAs Fail To Properly Plan For Predictable Expenses?

A fortune teller asked me to gaze into her crystal ball. "I see wear and tear in your condominium's future. I see a new roof will be needed. I see cracking paint and asphalt in need of repair...


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Ask the HOA Expert: Special Assessments

Question: Our pool and clubhouse are 15 years old. The board wants to build a larger pool and upgrade the clubhouse which would require a $200,000 special assessment and drain our reserves. Answer: The board has no authority to expand the common area amenities. Its authority is to maintain existing amenities in good condition...


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Broker with Heart™: Brokers Making a Difference

PinRaise, Inc., creators of the Agent with Heart™ program, have developed a new branch of their program to welcome brokerages to their community through their latest initiative, Broker with Heart™. Realty Times sat down with PinRaise, Inc. Chief Communications Officer Celeste O’Hara to discuss this new program and the many ways it can benefit brokerages everywhere...


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The Inside Workings of Credit Scores

Consumers are encouraged to check their credit reports once per year. The primary reason for doing so is to make sure there aren't any mistakes. Unfortunately, credit reports are prone to contain mistakes. It's not really the fault of the three main credit repositories, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion because all three are just a database. Whatever is reported to them is what you see...


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How To Improve The Accessibility Of Your Outdoor Living Area

Your outdoor living area can be a source of enjoyment when you're relaxing outside, gardening or entertaining. But if you have challenges with mobility, or you have friends or family with mobility issues who come to visit, your yard may not be easily accessible...


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Is Data Scraping Legal?

The question of Data Scraping has been a controversial issue for a long time...


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Competition in Residential Real Estate

In 2018 the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) organized a panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities to increase competition in the real estate industry through technological innovation. Participating in the panel were lawyers from NAR, the FTC, and the DOJ, as well as Brian Larson counsel for CMLS...


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Here is a great article from Inman about preparing a home for a spring listing

Inman chatted with some top real estate agents located in areas where spring is here or right around the corner. They dished on how they help clients get their listings ready for peak selling season. Here are six tips from the pros.

1. Spring cleaning is serious business

According to Darlene Umina, a top agent at Lamacchia Realty in Framingham, Massachusetts, step one is a serious spring cleaning. Though this may seem obvious, Umina likes to spell it out to clients with the advice: “You clean like never before, and then you clean again.”

Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

If it has been a harsh winter — and this one has been a doozy — Umina said the cleaning should include a pressure wash on the outside of the house, and windows washed inside and out throughout the house.

Spring smells are a part of the joy of the new season and if there is a lawn, get it mowed shortly before an open house so it smells of fresh-cut grass. Scatter around some fresh bark mulch, too, Umina advises.

Even if it’s still chilly, the agent will go through and open all the windows in the house on the morning of the open house and leave a couple open during the tours to ensure the air isn’t stuffy.

2. Boost the lighting

Lighting is key, added Umina.

Replace any energy-saving bulbs with strong traditional ones, even if it’s just temporarily.

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

“Having that bright warm light makes a huge difference,” she said. And make sure cleaning the light shades is on the list of to-dos to maximize brightness.

If the light fixtures in the house leave something to be desired, check out this list of the best and brightest examples of ceiling decor.

3. Create pops of color throughout

Try to create “pops of color” throughout the home, recommended Umina, who will always have a big bunch of seasonal flowers right by the area where people come to sign in for the open house, along with some nicely wrapped cookies on a tray to take away.

Courtesy of Darlene Umina of Lamacchia Realty

Meanwhile, store away any blankets draped over sofas and replace them with bright throw pillows — perhaps some with flowers or spring accents, but nothing overbearing. The Lamacchia Realty agent likes light, classy, toile cushions in turquoise for a punch of “unassuming color.”

Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

Another excuse for color in the kitchen is a large mason jar full of homemade lemonade, with slices of lemon and ice to bring the “summer is coming” message home. Add a stack of colorful cups next to it.

“People love it in spring; it’s the first taste of summer,” said Umina.

According to Amy Klupp with The Holden Agency in Ohio, another market emerging from a long winter, white and pale gray are popular colors in her neighborhoods this spring. Buyers want to see light gray walls, lots of white trim, or white paint over native honey oak walls and light-colored furniture.

4. Consider using shiplap to your advantage

Shiplap, a type of wooden board traditionally used only in home exteriors, is now seen commonly on the inside to give a room a new look, said Klupp. These horizontal wood planks painted white or the color of your choice can be arranged in bathrooms or as an accent wall in a living room, especially if there is an open floor plan.

fusaromike / Getty Images

Klupp, who does staging for other agents as well as herself, often advises clients to paint old brick fireplaces a crisp white to lighten the room.

She uncovered the original mantelpiece in a home recently and stained it black, which looked very attractive against the contrast of the white fireplace.

5. ‘Wow’ buyers from the start

How does the house look from the front? Think about planting some white impatiens, make sure there is plenty of greenery and throw in some contrasting black bark, suggested Highland Partners’ Debbi DiMaggio based in Piedmont, California.

Inside, visually and literally lighten up the furniture — i.e., take out any heavy pieces and think about replacing them with contemporary mid-century pieces that are elegant and lightweight,  à la Restoration Hardware or Westelm-style, she said.

Photo by Alberto Castillo Q. on Unsplash

If there is a budget for it, flooring can make a big difference. DiMaggio will always suggest replacing carpet on the stairs, and she likes luxury linoleum to freshen up laundry rooms or kitchens.

Finally, think about putting a fountain in the backyard — they are easy to find at hardware stores and can add a touch of class and fun.

6. Be accessible

And to be truly spring friendly, be accessible for the wave of traffic you’re likely to get to a well-priced and well-staged home, and have the home ready for viewing on both Saturday and Sunday for open houses, advised DiMaggio. “New buyers are always coming into the market,” she said.

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