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14503 Chesham Ct, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32258  

***MOVE IN READY**Great home in a family friendly, established neighborhood, on a cul de sac.. Beautiful hardwood floors, split bedroom floorplan, freshly painted, new roof. Office with french doors or could be play room. Gorgeous dining room, eat in kitchen. Perfect for young family. Also, an Air Knight UV and dust filter was added to the AC, perfect for allergy sufferers. Great little patio for hanging out with family. The artwork hanging can be negotiated as well. Convenient to restaurants, gyms, major intersections, grocery store, and the hospital.

Historic homes are coveted by many for their charm. Some want a home with history while others one with “good bones” of bygone construction methods. Whatever your motivations one thing is clear: owning a historic home is a rewarding experience.

This is usually due to the effort, time and investment put into maintaining the home’s old world charm. Those who take on a historic home should be ready for a project in some capacity either right after buying or down the line.

Maintaining, and sticking to, the classic style and shapes while working under stylistic limitations takes time and effort. Be sure that when purchasing a historic home it’s one of an era whose style you really like. This is because many historic homes have what is called an easement in place. What an easement does is dictate what owners of that particular estate can and can not do to the home to maintain its historical integrity. This can limit everything from additions to siding color.

Historic homeowners should also be ready to get creative during the renovation process. Old houses have their quirks, it’s best to embrace this when making changes and to work with them - not against them. Knocking out walls and shaving down flooring to be perfectly symmetrical compromises the entire structure’s historic roots. If you absolutely must have perfect walls and flooring a historic home is probably not for you.

With that said when viewing homes ensure that any crookedness is from settling over time and not from damage to the sill plate. The sill plate is the topmost part of the foundation and especially vulnerable due to this placement along ground level. If there is damage to the sill plate know that the entire structure of the home is also compromised and in need of serious, and expensive, attention. If this is the case, it’s best to walk for most homeowners.

A warped or compromised sill plate can also mean water damage. Another sign to look for water troubles is a sump pump in the basement. You want to keep an eye out for water damage, as this is a very serious threat to the structure and can also attract all kinds of bugs.

If you have your heart set on a historic home but find all of this overwhelming a historic home expert, either a contractor who specializes in historic homes and/or a local historian that restores homes, can help you significantly through the process. In fact, overwhelmed or not it’s best to bring an expert on board during your buying process. This person should be in addition to your home inspector - not in place of. You also want to be sure to find someone who understands that you want to preserve and restore a historical home and not just gut the building.

Plan your budget well. While restoring a home is usually a passion project for many you still don’t want to overinvest and end up taking a huge loss if you eventually resell. Know what restoration projects in your area typically go for and use these as a guideline for your own budget.

Don’t be afraid to start small if you are on a tight budget or this is your first restoration project. These projects can take years so when planning start here first: roof, windows, and masonry. Create a watertight home first to prevent any further potential damage.

The good news about historic homes is that there are plenty of grants and tax programs for homeowners planning on restoration. Not every loan option will be available to you if the home requires major work but there are loans available specifically for major repairs such as the 203k. Know your options before you start looking as this will a major determination factor of your budget and the degree of work you’ll be able to put into a home.

Bring your builder... to this beautiful piece of land, approximately 2.04 acres located in A Deed Restricted gated Equestrian friendly community allowing one horse per acre. 3 Common area amenities are the following:RV Storage Lot, a Playground with a Community Pavilion, Dock and Cooking Grills, our Equestrian Area has a Community Pavilion and cooking grills.You can expect to see roaming around the community, Deer, Turkeys, Fox Squirrels, Geese, and Fish in the ponds.

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What are your favorite features of your home??

We love the open floor-plan, great space for family fun and watching t.v.  The dual closets in the master bedroom are great, we both have our own space for all our "stuff".  The hardwood floors are easy to maintain and just look amazing.  The back patio is very homey and nice place to spend the evenings while the kids enjoy time outside.

 Tell us about the neighborhood..

The neighbors are great, always getting together, quiet cul de sac, safe place for the kids to play.  It is very family oriented, people are always out walking with families and/or dogs and riding bikes.  There is a neighborhood garage sale every spring.  The neighborhood is convenient to restaurants, gym and great schools.

What do you love about Jacksonville??

It is close to the beach and unique urban areas, depending on 
which direction you drive. 

There are many places to see in Jacksonville along with many one day 
trips to fun destinations. 

Where do you love to eat?

We love to walk to the Mexican Restaurant Casa Maria and then have dessert at Amaretti's bakery, right next door.  Although there are many options to choose from..Italian, Mexican, Wings, Pizza, even Starbucks is near

Grocery stores and other conveniences

The Publix is about a five minute drive from the house.  Also, in Bartram, there is Walgreens, several restaurants, nail places, dry cleaners, cell phone stores, Kohls, Hallmark store, gas and banks.  Rebounderz is right down the road.   Julington Creek Durbin preserve is close by for walking/hiking trails.  Baptist South is right down the street. Close to all major intersections. I95, I295, and US 1

One of the most critical aspects of your financial state, when you’re buying a home, is that of your credit score. Credit scores take your entire economic history into account. That means every missed payment, every account opened, and that three-digit number represents every debt you owe. Once you obtain your credit score and assess your finances, if you realize your score needs help, you may feel desperate. The good news is that you’re not helpless. There are plenty of things that you can do to raise your credit score in a short time to increase your chances of getting a better rate on a loan for your home purchase. Read on for some tips on how to improve your credit score.

Keep An Eye On Your Credit Card Balances

One of the most impactful factors on your credit score is how much debt you have. How much debt you have versus how much available credit you have is a significant factor in your score. If you pay your balances in full each month, that’s great. Keep in mind that even if you do pay off your balances that monthly balance amount affects your score as well. Paying off your outstanding credit card balances will have a positive effect on your score.

Remember Some Debt History Is Good

Once you pay off a car or home loan, it can be tempting to want these accounts removed from your credit history. When you’re getting a home loan, the lender wants to know that you’re reliable. If you can show that you have responsibly paid off other loans that can only be a positive thing for you and your credit score. Don’t be so quick to remove old accounts that have been paid off from your report. 

Pay On Time

If you pay your bills on time continuously, it can only bring your score up. If our rating needs help, this could be the most critical thing that you can do to raise your score.

Keep Your Payments Equal Over Time

Keeping your payments equal means that you shouldn’t start charging more than you usually would. You also shouldn’t begin to make lower payments than you have been. Keeping your spending and payments consistent can help you to raise and maintain a good credit score.

If you know you’ll be purchasing a home soon; you should check your credit score. If you’re not close to heading out on the home search, you can pull back a bit. While you always want to maintain good credit health, you shouldn’t be so focused on your credit score that you forget about other things like saving for a downpayment. Know that your credit score is essential in buying a home, but understand that there are many moving parts when it comes to buying a home.